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Friday, May 30, 2008

How does it feel to know that you've passed your exam.

And now that holiday's have started, many things and activities fill my eager mind.
2 months. I HAVE TO fill it with Happyness, for my keluarga, for my kengkawans, for the moment.

God. Guide me. Teach me. Punish me.
InsyaAllah, i shall walk in your land, and i pray to You that I be cleansed. And the others too.

I got a haircut. Heh. And, often do I forget that it was not thick as before. My hand would reach for it, only to feel lost as it searches lower to discover a firm carpet-like texture.

Days remain still as it has been like the old days.
Can't dwindle there too much though.

:D Whatever it is, please pray for the successful completion of our journey of Umrah.


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