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Thursday, July 3, 2008

i've been having dreams again.

I guess my mind has not been resting well this past few days.
My body too.
But the dreams i had were very interesting that i don't mind the weak feeling when i wake up.
Tomorrow, my friends and i will be at the Kuching Waterfront Xpose to inform the masses of the art of movement. hehe.
Hopefully things go well.

Body today weak, hopefully better tomorrow.

Lets entertain KUCHING!

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Aliciaks said...

I've been dreaming since i was born. Everytime I close my eyes. Doesnt matter when it's a nap, morning, nite or a doze off when i am in the cinema. It's just a routine i've got but i got used to it. I guess you just have to believe that u r not tired even with a dream u have the nite before =)