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Saturday, February 21, 2009

the end of my 10 day holiday.

all my clothes are packed.
books, cables, video camera too.
tinggal mok mandik and pegi potong rambut gik.

in these short ten days, i have received a few advice;
-Belaja rajin-rajin.
-Don't try to succeed, make sure you succeed.
-Concentrate ngan tok dulok, klak mikir hal ya*.

Only now i realise the value of these 'typical' advice.
My elders and some of my friends came to the same
conclusion after going through it themselves.

Ahead of me lies semester 4 & 5.
Gotta tighten up my shoelaces
and take a deep breath.
This is a race i must win.



RDZ said...

good luck bro... with all best wishes and doa, i KNOW you WILL do it. Affirmative thinking.



sabree said...

Thanks bro!