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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

days worth noting.

from the joys of exams,
til the ever familiar scent of my home.
it took close to two months to finally reach back here,
but, oh how fruitful it was.
things kept happening through-out.
one after the other.

Qayyim and I went down south to meet up with Singaporean traceurs. might be a short trip but, damn, i learned many things(many non-parkour lessons too). There is something about that country, about its people, about its infrastructure, the ideas and concepts behind them that captivates me. simple things with heavy lessons backing them up. i'll summarize them the way i physically saw it;
1. sturdy rails.
(represents quality and strength, 'to be, and to last')

2. fast escalators.
(represents the eagerness to progress, feel how dreadfully slow it is the next time you go up/down an escalator at your nearest mall)

3. the family restaurant where i ate briyani.
(represents honesty. i don't know why, but the place 'felt' so honest, so genuine. made that briyani i ate much much sedap'er)

4. the traceurs there.
(their focus and enthusiasm)

haha. the 1st 3 seems silly. but hey, thats how i see things. these are among the things that i learned and took home. Thanks Zahid for showing us around. Also stopped by Johor to meet the Johor freerunners!

baca khatam with me little second cousins. hehe. prepping up for that was fun. the bday/anniversary pre-khatam bbq. hehe. Atiks birthday and Atuk and Wan Teh's wedding anniversary. Those two were shy-looking when they had to blow out their many candles on their ulang tahun cake. Hehe.
Had a chance to do something (which i thought was) different for that baca khatam. After each sura was read, its terjemahan was read aloud too. Hopefully the people who came went home with lessons from these sura's.

PKMY(parkour malaysia) annual jam! at putrajaya's; Forbidden park, precint 8 and Dataran Gemilang. A tiring but satisfying whole day session with traceurs from all over Malaysia. with around 70 people turning up, it was the biggest gathering of traceurs i've seen so far in Malaysia.

New Years Eve. People were like ants, the air was humid and warm, and the fireworks display at KLCC was...ok ok la. haha. but, all that doesn't really matter because i was with my family. both grandma's from each side of the family was there!

haha. high speed roller coasters was all i remembered!

Went down south again, this time to Hakim's house and later the next day to Singapore to attend the 'Body Worlds' exhibition. It felt like MMS sessions as we try to recall the names of the muscles and stuff the we saw. Haha. Thanks to Hakim's auntie's family for the warm welcome and stay! Thanks to Hakim for sending me allll theee waayyy to Kuala Pilah. Crazy! haha.

as soon as i reach kampung from Johor/Sg i had to go pick up my little sis at the airport(didnt hppn due to car trouble, but Papa helped ambik. :D) and go straight to Sunway to catch the Neyo's, Year of the Gentleman concert. Najwa was the opening act and...huhu...meremang bulu roma. her singing voice was awesome. Neyo was a great performer and somehow, that taught me a lesson. Bersungguh2 when doing something.

after this, nothing much really happened besides parkour training sessions.
last week Hakim came over for a week-long homestay program at my grandma's house. haha.

and insyaAllah, next week, the KarimHakimKamal trio will lodge at my Kuching home for 4 days. haha. til then. Counting off the last month of me holiday.


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