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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

turning point.

Utterly humbled, i sat in awe as i watched them move with grace, with power, with honesty. Humbled as i have attributed my weaknesses to my 'busy' life as a med student. A flimsy excuse. I realised it is I who have 'set' the rules from the start.

'Ive always been scared of rails' i said.
'Ive always feel safer by doing a crane rather than a precision' i said.
'Ive never understood the corkscrew' i said.

Right from the start i have pulled myself down by my own words. The recent Annual Parkour Jam, i realised, once I opened up my options, freed myself from these negative thoughts, i dared. I dared to try. And, once i tried, it wasn't that bad. (relating to a crane i attempted)

To climb over the wall of my 'comfort zone' was the obstacle all along. All i need is to try one step at a time. To progress from the ground up and be persistent.

This was the simple lesson i learned, applicable to other areas in my life.
And thus, i shall.

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